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Who are we?

TanuKey Studios is a community-driven organization dedicated to bringing creatives together. Founded in 2020, we are committed to our core values of effective communication and transparency. We are proud to open a network of reliable voice talents passionate about their craft, as well as providing high quality service. Guaranteed.

We accept clients of all budgets and levels of experience. Our number one priority is establishing meaningful and cooperative relationships, minimizing your stress while maximizing efficiency, professionalism, and trust.

Whether you are a project director searching for the perfect cast to help make your dream a reality, or you are a voice actor on the lookout for unique opportunities, we are here for you. In one way or another, everyone encounters obstacles on their journey. We instigate the correspondence between clientele and talent, so you spend less time worrying about emails and more time focusing on what YOU want to prioritize.

Voice Casting

Are you a project director on the search for voice actors, but have no idea where to start? Do you want verified, high-quality voice talent to help bring your characters to life? TanuKey Studios has the solution for you through our intensive casting process.

Our casting director will guide you through the entire process after a thorough, free-of-charge consultation. We will work with you to develop a unique game plan based on your project’s needs and budget to connect you with the perfect voice cast. You will be informed about industry-friendly rates as well as an overview of expectations and scheduling upfront, ensuring complete transparency.

You will choose from our list of public and private casting options to best suit your project’s timeline. We will then discuss with you all of the necessary information to find the ideal voices you envisioned before moving forward with the casting call.

After the deadline for the casting call has passed, we will carefully go through every submitted audition and create a shortlist based on your specifications. We will initiate an intense meeting evaluating each candidate with you and provide you with extensive explanations for our top choices. Ultimately, YOU know what is best for your project and the final decision will be made by you.

We will quickly get you in touch with the chosen cast so that you can begin implementing voice over as soon as possible. If needed, we also offer voice directing and audio engineering services so that you can spend your time working towards completing other aspects of your project. Our clients are part of our family, and we want to make this process as stress-free and enjoyable as possible for both you and the voice talent.


If you wish for the voice actors to receive live direction rather than record lines solo, we will take care of it! Our voice director and directing assistants will frequently meet with the development team to fully understand the vision of the project.

After the scripts have been reviewed and finalized, the directing team will schedule live recording sessions with the voice talent, either individually or in a group reading. We welcome members of the development team to join these sessions to provide the greatest detail of input to the actors' performances.

Audio Engineering

We have several experienced audio engineers on deck for any sound design challenge. We specialize in voiceover editing, ensuring all recordings sound professionally consistent, and noise free. Files will be separated and organized as instructed by the director in preparation for easy implementation.

Additionally, our team is available for general sound production and music composition.

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Why choose TanuKey?

In a time of networking chaos, we understand how challenging finding the right voice cast, casting director, voice director, and audio engineer can be. At TanuKey Studios, we are here to provide an all-in-one package to help make your voiceover woes disappear.

Our team has decades of experience familiarizing ourselves with the optimal voice acting experience between client and talent. One thing that sets us apart from other services is our dedication to personalizing the experience for each unique project. We work closely with indie developers to go above and beyond the typical job description, providing our clients with quality beyond their expectations.

  • Free consultation with upfront indie-friendly rates and turnaround deadlines

  • Active guidance through the entire casting and voice acting process

  • Transparent, initiative communication

  • Graphic design and marketing services included

  • Friendly and experienced staff members eager to help your project be the best that it can be


Interested in our services? Please use our contact form and include the following information in your email:

  • Detailed description of your project

  • Services you wish to hire us for (voice casting, voice directing, and/or audio engineering)

  • Budget

  • Links to samples of current development progress (social media, Steam page, Kickstarter, etc.)

Our Staff

TanuKey Studios is the culmination of passion, teamwork, and tenacity. Each with an extensive and unique background in the creative industry, four nerds came together with a common goal: to instigate a network of opportunities for upcoming indie developers and voice actors. With the combined infinity stones of voice acting, marketing, graphic design, audio engineering, and many more, the TanuKey team is readily equipped to guide any project through the voice casting process. We guarantee genuine human-to-human interaction, ensuring quality and professional service.









Contact us!

We are accepting new clients! Please send us a message or email us at contact@tanukeystudios.org, and a team member will be with you soon. We look forward to working with you!

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